Pay What You Can

We are living in extraordinary times. Life has changed and continues to change each day as we face a devastating pandemic in all corners of the world. Apart from the tragic loss of lives as a result of Covid-19, many are facing economic stress due to reduced or loss of livelihoods. Even before Covid-19 emerged, economies around the world were beginning to buckle under the strain of unsustainable systems.

As we strive to define and function in what is being referred to as the ‘new normal’, we need to build our capacity for resilience and nurture our optimism for a new and hopefully more sustainable and exciting future.

After grappling with how to continue supporting people even in these challenging times, I’ve come up with a solution.

For the month of May, I’m trialling a ‘Pay What You Can’ offer where those who are struggling financially can access career coaching at a price they can afford. These will be one-hour career and life coaching sessions at a price agreed between you and I. Whether you can afford £10 / €12 / $15 per hour or a hundred, I will provide the same level of career and life coaching to support you with your current challenge. There will be a maximum of five (5) Pay What You Can sessions available per week on a first come, first served basis.

Perhaps you are on reduced hours and want to find another income stream to make up for lost income, or maybe you have been laid off and need help finding a new job. No matter what your challenge, we’ll work together, through one-hour sessions as and when you need them.

The only ‘catch’ is that I will cap the lower limit to £10 / €12 / $15 per hour in order to cover my operating costs. That’s things like rent, electricity, software licences etc.

Sound reasonable? If you’d like to go ahead, simply contact me either via the contact form or directly by email at lisa [at] Let me know your situation, how you think I can best support you, and the hourly rate you can afford to pay. I’ll send you a standard coaching agreement outlining my professional and ethical obligations and ask you to agree to general terms.

I’m genuinely excited about supporting as many people as possible during these challenging times. Let’s make 2020 the year you thrive!

If you haven’t already, please head to the About page where you can learn more about me and my credentials.

Lisa LaRue

The Career Happiness Coach

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