Are you ready to achieve happiness in your life and career?

If you’re looking for a career counsellor, career coach or life coach to help you achieve happiness and success, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been coaching for over 20 years and during that time I’ve helped thousands of people get clear on what they want and how to get it. I’ve successfully coached people from around the world including the UK, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, USA, South America and across Asia. With a blend of career counselling and career coaching I will help you get to where you want to be in your life (even if you don’t know where that is right now!).

I also have extensive experience working with expats and immigrants with personal experience of living and working in the UK, France, Finland and Australia. In addition to practical career support to help you make a successful transition into different job markets around the world, I understand the many challenges faced when starting over in a new country. 

Aside from coaching people to achieve successful traditional careers, for many years I’ve coached entrepreneurs, freelancers and location independents (including digital nomads). In addition to first-hand experience (being self-employed for nearly 20 years), I have studied self-employment / entrepreneur coaching at masters level, have a diploma in business management and am currently a PhD student researcher at Tampere University researching flow-state and entrepreneur well-being.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to coaching people to achieve career happiness and success. What you’ll get when you choose me as your coach is a tailored approach that suits you and your needs. I’m available for a one-off, one-hour coaching session or book 4, 8 or 10 sessions and save. Contact me today to arrange a no-obligation free chat to discuss your needs and ask any questions you might have.

Single Session

One-off, 1 hour coaching session
$ 150
  • Just want a single session or not sure you want to commit?

    Purchase a single session which can be credited towards a package if you decide to upgrade.


Book 6 or 10 sessions
Full support packages
  • 6 sessions: $1100
  • 8-10 session: $1550
  • Free email support and administration included

Career Support Services

Expert career support
Boost your impact
  • CVs, Cover letters: from $150
  • Applications: from $150
  • Interview Coaching: $300
  • LinkedIn Coaching : $180

Want to find out the cost in a different currency? Try the TransferWise Currency Converter app. Payments can be made in the currency of your choice including £GBP, $USD, $AUD etc. Just let me know which you prefer and I’ll provide you with UK/USA/Australia bank details which means you avoid international transaction fees.

Single Session

A single session session is a useful way of zeroing in on what’s going well and what’s not in your life and career. I’ll help you make sense of your current situation and gain some all-important clarity. While a one hour session can’t achieve as much as we could in a series of 6 or 10 sessions, a one-hour session will shine the light on what’s important and help you see the abundance of opportunities available. 

You can also use a single session if you need expert career advice and support on an issue or challenge you’re facing. From how to format your cover letter through to the best way to handle an upcoming performance review at work, I’m available to help. 


Choosing a 6 or 10 session package not only saves you money but enables you to commit to a series of coaching sessions. This is beneficial if you want to focus on your career development or career management. 

If you are thinking about changing careers, choosing a 12 session package will enable us to explore into what’s important to you. We’ll discuss your life goals, interests and strengths and identify your transferable skills. I’ll help you generate career options and together, we’ll work through these to find the best, next steps in your career. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I choose you?

I’m a master’s degree qualified career coach, an EMCC accredited Master Practitioner Coach and a trained life coach so I’m well-equipped to guide you through all kinds of career and life challenges. If your challenges prove to be more complex than can be served by coaching, I’m ethically and professionally bound to refer you for extra support (e.g. if you are clinically depressed or are considering self-harm). I am a Registered Career Development Professional (RCDP) with the Career Development Institute (CDI) and a member of the Association for Coaching (AC), the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Aside from all of my credentials, what I offer is a genuine level of care and support. I have dedicated my career to supporting people to live their best lives – to honour their true selves. It’s what drew me to career coaching as a specialism from the beginning. Life is far too short to waste it not living authentically and on your own terms. I do however understand the realities of life and I won’t preach to you to ‘find your passion’. Instead, I’ll help you define your terms and help you find solutions to living your life authentically while still paying the bills.

How are the coaching sessions delivered?

All coaching sessions are now offered online via Skype or Zoom. This enables you to participate in coaching from the comfort and convenience of your own home without the need to travel to an office. It’s up to you if you use your web camera or not.  During our sessions I’ll often share my screen as we work on different things, using various tools or exploring things online together. If you’re not familiar with Skype or Zoom don’t worry! I’ll help you get set up and show you how to navigate your way through.

What if I live in a different timezone?

No problem! I’ve been providing career counselling and coaching sessions online for over 15 years to people all around the world. I’ve coached people in the UK, across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Asia and the Middle East. To find out the time difference between Paris, France and your location, try using The Time Now app which allows you to see what the time is where you are in comparison. Although I usually try and limit my working hours to between 9am and 6pm weekdays, I am able to work outside of regular working hours to fit your schedule if absolutely necessary. 

How do I pay if I live in another country?

No problem. I accept payments via my TransferWise Borderless account enabling you to pay for your career counselling and coaching services in the currency of your choice. Just let me know which country you are in and I’ll send you bank payment details so you can pay into a local bank account in your preferred currency. This means you’ll avoid paying international transfer fees.

Check out the TransferWise Currency Converter to find out how much you will pay in your chosen currency.

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