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If you’re feeling unfulfilled, if you often think there must be more to life, it’s time to take action. Career coaching can help you step out of your comfort zone and take charge of your life and career.

Don’t wait another day, another month, or another year.  It’s time to live your best life NOW.

"As a career coach, I don't just coach people to have an amazing career, I coach them to have an amazing life too." 

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What is Career Happiness?

You might be thinking that ‘career happiness’ sounds like a fluffy term for jumping out of bed each day with glee, or loving your job so much that it never feels like work, or any other ideas you may have heard. If that’s what you were expecting, I’m sorry. Career happiness is neither of those things.

Years ago I discovered the science behind career happiness. There are two elements that when combined create what I call ‘career happiness’. They are:




When we focus our attention on job satisfaction alone, we ignore the rest of the human experience. We spend approximately 90,000 hours, or a third of our lives at work, but what about the rest of our time? What can we do to boost our overall happiness to live our lives optimally? If we want to achieve career happiness, we need to take a more holistic view, paying close attention to our work and personal lives. 

  • How to be happy in your career
  • Your interests, strengths and motivators
  • What’s important to you in your life and career
  • Areas for personal and professional development
  • How to make decisions with confidence
  • How to build personal and career resilience
  • How to make changes to live your best life
  • What’s holding you back

"Change can be uncomfortable. But when we step out of our comfort zone, amazing things can happen." 

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  • Make sense of the options and make career decisions with confidence
  • Build your personal brand including your CV and social media
  • Understand the most successful job search strategies (they've changed!)
  • Build a powerful LinkedIn profile and leverage it for success
  • Develop your interview skills with expert interview coaching
  • Start or scale up your own business or not-for-profit

3 things you'll get when you work with me


I’ll help you identify the changes you want to make and how to make them happen


We’ll create an action plan and I will support you to achieve career happiness and success


100% of my clients report feeling happier about their career and life after working with me

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