Strengths Assessment

Strengths assessment (also called strengths profiling) is a valuable tool that helps you identify and harness your unique strengths. It involves a comprehensive assessment process that identifies your core talents and abilities, enabling you to excel personally and professionally. By understanding your strengths, you can focus on areas where you naturally thrive, enhancing your confidence and performance. Strengths assessment empowers you to make informed decisions, align your goals with your inherent abilities, and make career decisions that lead to fulfilment and success. 

Strengths Assessment

What is TalentPredix™ ?

TalentPredix™ is an online assessment tool that uses cutting-edge behavioural science to identify people’s unique strengths. It assesses and helps you understand what makes you unique – your strengths, motivations, and  values. TalentPredix™ provides guidance on how you can harness your talents to reach your highest potential and stay motivated and engaged at work. 

Unlock Your Personal Professional Growth

By assessing your Talent, Career Drivers, and Values with TalentPredix™

Utilising advanced assessment technology and cutting-edge behavioural science, TalentPredix™ uncovers your individual success factors and potential through an in-depth evaluation of your Talents (key strengths driving work excellence), Career Drivers (motivations fuelling your career choices), and Values (core beliefs essential for thriving at work). Discover your unique strengths and growth opportunities with TalentPredix™.

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What TalentPredix™ measures

Your Best Self DNA
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Talents (Strengths)
  • The Talent Wheel shows all your talents on a scale from 1 to 10
  • Your top 5 talents (strengths) and how to make the most of them
  • Understand your limiters and how to improve your performance at work
Career Drivers
  • Find out what motivates and drives you
  • Align with your career drivers to obtain a more meaningful and fulfilling career
  • Learn how to make the most of your career drivers for growth and progression
  • Learn about your core beliefs to achieve your goals
  • Align your values to your work and thrive
  • Knowing your values helps shape your decisions and actions

TalentPredix™ Report

On completing the TalentPredix™ assessment your personalised report provides valuable insights into your unique strengths, motivations, and values. By understanding your talents, you’ll uncover the key to achieving optimal performance, high engagement and well-being at work.

TalentPredix™ provides you with a comprehensive insight into your talents, helping you unlock your full potential and thrive in your career. Countless studies have shown that when individuals embrace their strengths and align them with their career aspirations, it leads to outstanding outcomes personally and professionally.

Your TalentPredix™ report is your blueprint for success, guiding you towards a fulfilling and rewarding career.

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