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Life is too short to wait another week, month or year to live the life you want to live. The time to live your best life is now.

My background and perspective

Growing up, I was surrounded by people who viewed their jobs as a way to pay the bills. The working week was a never-ending grind, and weekends were the only time to truly enjoy life. Monday mornings were filled with a sense of dread as the whole cycle repeated again.

When I started exploring different career options for myself, I came to realise that there were people who genuinely loved their jobs. This made me curious about why some people loathed their jobs while others found joy.

Early on in my career, I worked with young people. I found it really rewarding to see the optimism and enthusiasm sparked by positive career conversations. Later, when I went on to work with adults, the same magic happened. I saw that people became filled with hope and excitement about career possibilities that resonated with them.

Since then, my focus has been on helping people unlock the secrets to creating successful and fulfilling careers. I partner with, and empower them, to make choices that align with who they are, bringing not just a salary but also a deep sense of purpose and satisfaction in their work by aligning career choices with their values, interests, talents and life goals.

As a career coach, career development specialist and well-being at work researcher, my passion lies in understanding and promoting optimal work experiences. Professional career coaching contributes not only to peoples’ professional success but also to their overall well-being. My interest in strengths-based practice, positive psychology, and resilience supports a holistic approach to career development, ensuring that individuals find intrinsic motivation and job satisfaction leading to career happiness.

Who I work with

For the past 20+ years, I’ve worked with people of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world. People often ask me who my typical client is. I’d say it’s anyone who wants to achieve their career and life goals. I work with people in their 20s through to those in their 40s and beyond. The common feature of the people I work with are those who want to realise their full potential, change careers or decide the next best steps. Increasingly, many of my clients work remotely or hybrid which bring unique challenges and rewards. I also coach people who want to transition into self-employment and offer coaching and mentoring to support their transition. 

As you can see, there is no ‘typical’ client I work with, but that’s what makes my work so interesting and rewarding. It also means that I have developed a rich tapestry of knowledge and experience across various sectors, geographies and cultures. This diversity of knowledge and experience is a strength, resulting in agility and adaptability which are essential in the rapidly changing and increasingly challenging world of work. 

About my approach

Modern career coaching and career development perspectives take a ‘whole person’ approach, that recognises the interrelationship between our personal lives and our careers. Individual well-being is considered alongside career decision-making, planning and development.

My approach is integrative, strengths-based and solution-focused. Clients describe me as being engaging, supportive and professional with the ability to expertly help them navigate their way to career success and fulfilment.

I use a range of coaching, training and mentoring tools and techniques to help people achieve career happiness and success. With a strong interest in future-proofing careers, I pride myself in keeping up to date in emerging technology such as AI and digital tools and encourage this in my clients to support sustainable, resilient careers. 

My primary motivation is to help people thrive in all areas of their lives, especially their careers.

My Credentials

"Don't let others define what happiness and success looks like for you"

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