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Career happiness is my passion. For the past 20 years I've been helping people people achieve optimal happiness and success in their lives and careers. Whether you want to make changes to your current role, find a new job or change careers, I'll support you to find solutions, make decisions and move forward in your journey.

Lisa LaRue
Why work with me?


  • Fully qualified in career development, career guidance and life coaching: MCareerDev, BSocSc(Couns), DipLifeCoaching, DipCareerGuid
  • Registered Career Development Professional (RCDP) with the Career Development Institute (CDI)
  • Full Member of the Association for Coaching (MAC)
  • Over 20 years’ experience in career counselling and coaching
  • More than 60% of my clients come from personal recommendations

If you're not happy in your career, chances are, it will negatively impact on your personal life too.

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My Background

After working as a careers advisor in the education, training and employment services sectors for many years, I felt it was time for me to work differently. Working within systems that didn’t always recognise the uniqueness of individuals was challenging. The more qualified and experienced I became, the more I realised I wasn’t using my full range of skills or strengths. I longed to work in a more impactful, intuitive and effective way with my clients which wasn’t possible within the constraints of my roles.

After some soul searching, I decided to take the leap and launch my own career counselling and coaching practice. It was a challenging time as I figured out how to earn a living doing what I loved. With years of experience, training and a genuine passion to help people fulfill their career and life goals, I was a woman on a mission! Within a matter of months, my diary started to fill. I began to find a rhythm and over the years, shaped my services to meet the needs of my clients.

Today I work with people of all ages and backgrounds all over the world. People often ask me who my typical client is. I’d say it’s anyone who needs support to achieve their career and life goals or, what I call ‘career happiness’. Because career is not just a job – it’s intertwined with our personal lives too. If you’re not happy in your career, chances are, it will negatively impact on your personal life too. I work with people who want to boost their confidence, change careers or decide the next best steps in their life. Some of my clients are digital nomads working in remote parts of the world, others have regular 9-5 jobs in the city or have portfolio careers. As you can see, there really is no ‘typical’ client I work with but that’s what makes my work exciting and what, I believe, makes me a more dynamic and diverse career and life coach. 

Inspired by the amazing work of Dr Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology and using a solution focused and strengths based approach, I find great joy in helping people grow into themselves. With a degree in counselling and a master’s degree in career counselling and coaching, I have a range of tools, strategies and techniques I use in response to individuals’ needs. When you work with me you won’t find a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, I really want to get to know you. To understand your story, hopes and dreams. While I can’t make decisions for you, I will be a partner on your journey asking the right questions at the right time to help you get a deeper insight into what you want and need along with how you can make it happen.

If this sounds like the kind of support you need, get in touch to arrange a free discovery call. I’d love to learn about you, your challenges and how you feel I can best support you.


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