How much does career coaching cost?

A common question many have when seeking out a career coach is how much does career coaching cost? You will find our career coaching packages pricing below along with prices for other services like CV writing, interview coaching and LinkedIn coaching. Our career coaching packages have been designed to meet your needs at each stage of your career. Additional coaching sessions can be purchased if needed.

We strive to be as competitive as possible in the career coaching market. We offer quality, professional career coaching services at a realistic, affordable price. Our coaching package pricing is inclusive of all administration, assessments and resources. Free, between-session email support is included. 

The prices below are inclusive of any associated costs and taxes unless otherwise specified. There are no hidden or extra costs – the price shown is the price you pay.

Career Coaching Packages​

Career Navigator

4 hrs of career coaching and practical support for career launchers, career advancers and job changers who know what they want but need help to achieve their goals. Including any or all of the following:
  • High impact CV
  • Clarify your career goals
  • Develop a career action plan
  • Identify your skills, strengths and work values
  • Create an impactful LinkedIn profile
  • Application assistance
  • Interview coaching
  • Unlimited email support

Career Optimiser

6 hrs of career coaching to optimise your career, including career development, increased job satisfaction and happiness at work. Including any or all of the following:
  • Career development planning
  • Career management
  • Skills audit & development
  • Identify & leverage strengths
  • Increase work engagement
  • Overcome barriers to success
  • Boost performance
  • Improve well-being at work
  • Achieve work-life balance
  • Strengths profiling (optional)
  • Anything from Career Navigator

Why choose us?

If you’ve been searching online for help with your career, you’ve likely become confused by the sheer number of so-called ‘experts’ offering career coaching. If you’re looking for career development professionals with recognised qualifications and experience in career counselling and coaching, you’re in the right place.

Our coaches have specialist careers training to master’s degree level in how to coach individuals and teams effectively using evidence-based strategies and techniques. We are also members of leading, highly respected professional associations (like the CDIEMCCACand CIPD) that require us to adhere to very high standards of professional practice, ethics, and ongoing professional development. But most of all, we care. We care about supporting you to live your best life. When you work with us, we are committed to understanding your needs and ensuring we meet them.

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