The Power of Emotional Intelligence at Work

Emotional Intelligence

In the modern world of work, one skill has become one of the most vital for successful professionals: Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Whether you are an employee or self-employed, mastering EQ is not just desirable, it’s necessary if you want to be successful. In this exploration of EQ, we’ll explore its significance and I’ll share some […]



Creating Joyful Work Spaces In this blog post, I want to introduce you to ‘deskteriors’, the art of creating joyful work spaces. While I’ve always been into decorating my desk, the concept of deskteriors has recently become all the rage in places like South Korea. Social media is flooded with images of people’s decorated desks […]

The Career Happiness Formula

What is The Career Happiness Formula? The Career Happiness Formula is a simple way to illustrate what it takes to achieve career happiness. While the formula is simple, the elements which make up the two key components of the formula are more complex. Let’s start by looking at the formula: The Career Happiness Formula Job […]

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